How To: Antique Brass Hack

I’m currently in the process of renovating my kitchen (and the whole house for that matter) and finding the right hardware can be tricky! I ultimately wanted something that would look nice against my dark green cabinets. After searching on Pinterest I knew I wanted some kind of brass finish. I then discovered aged brass and loved the more vintage-like finish that I think will tie in well with the rest of the plans I have for the space. This how to antique brass hack is so simple and made all the difference.


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Step 1: Dip Hardware into the Brass Ager

Wearing gloves, pour the full bottle of brass ager into your glass jar.

Dip one end of the hardware as far as you can into the solution for about 3 seconds. The longer you leave it in, the darker the look. For me, 3 seconds was perfect but this depends on what you’re going for.

Then, dip the other end of the hardware into the solution for the same amount of time.

When I did this, one end of the hardware was still much lighter than the other. If you have to, keep dipping it into the solution so that the color is consistent across the whole thing.

Dip the foam brush into the solution and brush the hardware to evenly disperse the brass ager.

It also helps to cover any areas that might not have been hit when dipping the hardware into the solution.

Step 2: Rub the Hardware with Steel Wool

After the hardware has been dipped and covered in the brass ager, set it on a piece of cardboard to dry for about one minute.

Then, rub the hardware with a piece of steel wool.

If you see any weird splotchiness happening don’t panic! The steel wool will easily removed this. It really removes any imperfections and gives it a great finish.

Step 3: Dip Hardware into Water

Next, dip each piece of hardware in some water and dry off with a paper towel.

Step 4: The Final Touches

I did a final look through of all of my hardware and noticed some spots on several pieces. These again came out super easily with the steel wool.

In my opinion, if you’re not liking something keep at it with the steel wool. It really makes a difference!

Step 5: The Screws

My hardware came with screws and I of course wanted them to match. I poured some of the brass ager into a container and threw in the screw for a few seconds.

I then moved them over to the water, just like I did for all the other hardware, and now they match perfectly.

Then you’re done!

I was so eager to see them against my green kitchen cabinets so I convinced my fiance to head over to the house with me to put some on. The final look was exactly what I was going for and this easy how to antique brass hack worked out perfectly.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and would love to hear any feedback and to see any pictures of how you used this hack in your home!


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