DIY Ghost Centerpiece

Kick off spooky season with this cute Halloween DIY Ghost Centerpiece project for your home! This project is so simple and only requires a few supplies – always a bonus!


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Step 1: Collect and Paint the Sticks

Get outside and collect a few sticks! I simply snapped off a few small branches from an already dead tree that was at my parents house. I’d strongly suggest finding sticks that have already fallen!

Put on a pair of gloves and paint the sticks with black spray paint.

Step 2: Create the Ghosts

Using white acrylic paint, cover the wooden beads and let them dry.

No need to be too picky as these will eventually be covered with cheesecloth.

Next, grab your cheesecloth and create about a 4″ wide fold. Cut using scissors or a rotary cutter.

You will need to cut the folded edge as well.

Once you have your rectangles, grab the first two layers and lay them across the others like so.

Set the cheesecloth to the side and grab a wooden bead and your white string.

Cut a piece of white string no shorter than a foot long.

Create a loop at the half way point of the string and push through the bead.

Pull the tails of the string up through the loop.

The bead and string should now be be secured together.

Thread the needle and push it through the center of the cheesecloth.

Pull the needle through and there you have it! You have created a ghost body!

Note: If you want to create different sized ghosts, play with the size of rectangles of the cheesecloth.

Once you have created all your ghosts, add eyes by using a black sharpie.

Tie a knot in the string and cut off any excess. This should create a loop so you can hang them from the sticks.

Step 3: Assemble the Centerpiece

Place your spray painted sticks in a jar or vase.

Hang the ghosts from the branches however you like.

You now have a new cute Halloween decoration for your home!

I hope you enjoyed this DIY Ghost Centerpiece tutorial. Please feel free to leave a comment below.


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