DIY Orange Slice Garland

It’s the first time I’m decorating for the Christmas season in my new home! I’ve been looking forward to decorating and specifically, my fireplace mantle. The goal was to make everything feel very classic, timeless, and cozy. Adding this simple DIY Orange Slice Garland made the perfect addition to my fireplace decor!

I originally created these DIY Orange Slice Ornaments and quickly realized why not kill two birds with one stone and create the garland as well. These two projects are super easy and make for perfect projects around the holidays!


Step 1: Slice Oranges

Very carefully slice your oranges. Try to cut even slices no bigger than a 1/4″ thick.

Step 2: Bake Orange Slices

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Then, place a baking rack on top of the parchment paper and arrange orange slices over top.

Pat orange slices with a paper towel if necessary.

Bake in the oven at 250 degrees for 2.5-3 hours making sure to pull the orange slices out every 30 minutes to flip.

Your orange slices should end up looking something like this.

Step 3: Turn into Garland

Thread the cording through a needle.

Insert the needle up through the back side of the orange slice.

Then, insert the needle down through the front side of the orange slice.

Pull tight and push the orange slice down the cording.

Once all the orange slices are on the cording, cut the cord and tie a knot creating a loop on each end.

Trim the cording with scissors if necessary.

You’re done – you have created your own DIY orange slice garland!

I really love how this turned out and how it pops against the black tile of my fireplace. It has such a classic and timeless feel.

If you liked this project, check out how I made these DIY Orange Slice Ornaments!

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