DIY Plant Potting Mat

Does anyone else have a jungle of houseplants in their home?! I’ve always had several houseplants, but during the pandemic, I seemed to have collected many more – oops! I truly love to take care of them and watch them grow. However, when it comes to re-potting, it can be quite messy. I created this DIY plant potting mat to make clean up just a little bit easier!

My mini monstera has been in dire need of a new pot (I honestly felt quite bad for it). I figured this was the perfect opportunity to use the potting mat. It worked like a charm and clean up was a breeze!

When I re-pot plants, I’m often on a concrete surface whether it be on the walkway outside my house or in the garage during the cold winter months. When I was living in an apartment, I found it difficult to find a good spot where I wouldn’t make too much of a mess. This DIY plant potting mat is a great solution for these situations.


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Step 1: Cut Canvas Fabric

First, cut a 19″x26″ rectangle out of the canvas fabric.

I originally cut a rectangle that was a bit larger than this, and I don’t recommend doing so. If you use a larger rectangle, later on when you add the snaps, you will run into a problem. The long sides of the rectangle will droop and almost lay flat. This will not help keep the soil in the mat like it’s supposed to when you go to re-pot a plant!

Step 2: Attach the Snaps

Next, attach the snaps to each corner of the canvas.

The snap kit that I purchased came with super simple directions showing how to use the tools and assemble the snaps.

Start by pinching one of the corners together and align the edges of the canvas fabric.

Make a hole with the seam ripper 2.5″ in from the corner point. Push the seam ripper through both layers of fabric.

When you open the fabric up, you should see two small holes. Using a pair of small scissors, make the holes slightly larger so that the snaps will fit.

Next, insert Part A from the back side of the fabric and up through the hole.

Then, place Part B on top.

Rest Part A on top of the metal base (with the smooth side up).

Then, use the convex tool and place it on Part B. Hammer into place.

You will have to do a similar process with the other side of the snap.

Insert Part D from the back side of the fabric and up through the hole.

Then, place Part C on top.

Rest Part D on top of the metal base (bumpy side up).

Then, use the concave tool and place it on Part C. Hammer into place.

Repeat this process on the remaining 3 corners.

Step 3: Attach Leather Strap

Start by cutting a 9″ piece of leather.

In your snap kit, you should also have a punch tool. Place this tool on top of the leather and strike with a hammer to make a hole.

Next, find the center point of the mat on one of the shorter sides of the rectangle.

Using the seam ripper, make a hole at the center point.

Use scissors to make the hole slightly bigger.

Once you have the hole, insert Part A from the right side of the fabric and up through the hole.

Place the leather piece on top of Part A.

Then, place Part B on top of everything.

Using the convex tool and base, hammer into place.

Roll up the mat and wrap the leather piece around to the snap.

Mark the located with your finger so that you know where the other part of the snap needs to be located.

Using the punch tool again, make a hole at this location.

Insert Part D up through the hole.

If you are having issues fitting it though, try using scissors or the punch tool again to make the hole slightly bigger.

Place Part C on top.

Using the concave tool and the metal base, hammer into place.

Snip off any excess leather.

You have now completed your DIY plant potting mat!

I hope this tool comes in handy when you go to re-pot you next plant as it did for me.

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