DIY Propagation Station

I recently had several house plants that were growing out of control and decided it was time to propagate! I’ve never done it before, and first used old vases I had around the house. While this did work, I knew I could make my own little DIY propagation station that I loved.

I love how simple this project was and how it looks hanging up on wall in my living room! I wanted it to hang on my wall for several reasons, but mostly so my cats had zero chance of destroying my growing stems (although cat owners know there’s aways chance of pure destruction).

I hope other plant owners could use this project to create their own DIY propagation station!


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Step 1: Prep & Stain the Wood Plaque

First, sand your wood plaque – only if you need to! Mine had a lot of rough edges, and a quick swipe with a sanding block did the trick.

Then, using a rag, dip it into the stain and completely cover the plaque.

Leave out to dry.

Step 2: Attach the Sawtooth Hanger

Once the stain has dried, next, you will need to attach the sawtooth hanger in order to be able to hang it on your wall.

First, make a mark at the center of your wood plaque.

Then, draw a line 5/8″ down from the top edge of the plaque.

Your markings should look something like this:

Then, place the sawtooth hanger over the line, centered over the mark and hammer into place.

Step 3: Attach the Magnets

First, make a mark centered on the plaque, placed 3″ up from the bottom edge.

Then, make two more marks 2″ in from each side of the plaque and placed 3″ up from the bottom edge. The goal is to have a line of 3 dots distributed across the plaque.

Glue and place a magnet directly on top of each of those marks.

Next, place a magnet 1.25″ up from the bottom edge of each of the jars.


When you go to add the magnets to the jars, make sure that the right side of the magnet is facing upwards so that it connects with the corresponding magnet that is already glued on the wood plaque. If you skip this step, your propagation station will not work!

Step 4: Double Up

Double up the magnets for strength! The reason why I didn’t do all the magnets at the same time was because if you don’t wait for the first set of magnets to dry (at least a little bit), when you go to add the second row of magnets, they will want to attract to one another and will easily move out of place.

So, once the top row has dried, add the second! Place the magnets 3/4″ down from the first row.

Repeat the same process on the jars. Again, making sure the right side of each magnet is facing the correct direction in order to “click” to the corresponding magnet on the wood plaque.

If the magnets start to move, you can place something like a rock on top of them to hold them into place while they dry. I also used a clamp like this and it worked perfectly.

Step 5: Attach the Jars

Lastly, attach the jars to the plaque!

You have completed your DIY propagation station! Fill the jars with a little bit of water and plants and you are good to go!

I really enjoyed this project and now have a cute little propagation station to hang on my wall when my plants need a little trimming.

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