DIY Wedding Flower Ornament

Let me tell you…I am SO happy I decided to preserve some of my sisters as well as my own wedding flowers after we both got married this past year. I knew I wanted to make something special with them and this DIY Wedding Flower Ornament is just one of the few projects I had in mind.

This will make such a great Christmas gift for my sister and will be something her and her husband can put on their Christmas tree for years to come.

My first project were these DIY Resin Coasters which turned out absolutely amazing! I would highly suggest checking that blog post out if you are looking for other ways to creatively use up those flowers.


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Step 1: Preserve the Flowers

If you haven’t already, the first step is to preserve your wedding flowers.

I used Silica Gel to preserve my flowers and it worked like a charm. To see the step-by-step tutorial on how I preserved my sisters wedding flowers you can check out this blog post: How To: Preserve Flowers using Silica Gel.

There are also other methods of preserving flowers such as pressing them in-between pages of large, heavy books or hanging them upside down to dry out.

Any method is fine for this project – they just need to be preserved in some way!

Step 2: Add Flowers in Ornament

The next step is to decide which flowers and greenery you think will be able to fit through the opening of the ornament.

I actually had a lot to choose from and was super excited when the smaller roses fit! Keep adding and adding until you are satisfied.

You can also play with just using individual petals as well as cutting down the stems to smaller sizes in order for them to fit inside the ornament.

Quick Tip!

I found that a wooden skewer came in handy when I wanted a flower in a certain spot – especially those little roses! I didn’t want those to end up being hidden under other flowers or greenery.

Step 2: Attach the Ribbon

Place the top back on the ornament and using any kind of ribbon, make a loop and bow so that it can hang on a tree.

I really liked how the white velvet ribbon I chose ended up looking.

You’re done – easy as that!

This DIY Wedding Flower Ornament project is so easy and doesn’t require many materials which I always love.

I hope you enjoyed this project and hope it gives you another idea of how to use up those flowers without tossing them quite yet.

I would love to see your completed ornaments and feel free to leave a comment below!



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