How To Plant In Pots With No Drainage Holes

Recently, I’ve been SUPER into planting in unique items I’ve been finding at thrift stores. Now, I’m always on the lookout for old teapots and pitchers to plant in. “Pots” like these obviously don’t come with a drainage hole since they’re not made for plants. However, some pots that are specifically MADE for plants sometimes don’t even have a drainage hole! It’s so frustrating to find the perfect pot, later to realize it doesn’t have the proper drainage that your plant NEEDS. However, there is a work around! I’m going to show you how to plant in pots with no drainage holes – and it couldn’t be easier!


Step 1: Add a Layer of Small Pebbles & Stones

Wearing gloves, add a layer of small pebbles & stones.

Step 2: Add a Layer of Charcoal

Next, add a layer of charcoal. The charcoal and the stones both help with drainage. The charcoal also helps absorb any excess moisture.

Step 3: Add a Layer of Potting Mix

Next, add a layer of potting mix.

Step 4: Pot Your Plant

Pot your plant and add more potting mix to fill the pot and to stabilize the plant.

You’ll probably have a bit of cleaning up to do on the pot, but then you’re done – I told you it was easy!

It is also a good idea to give any newly planted friend a quick water!

I hope you enjoyed this quick and easy tutorial on how to plant in pots with no drainage holes that will help your plants thrive.

If you like propagating your plants as much as I do go check out this DIY Propagation Station I created for myself!

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